SI Joint Pain Relief

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SI Joint Treatment

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Treatment for sacroiliac joint (SI) pain typically begins with conservative, non-surgical methods. Common treatments include physical therapy, hot or cold compresses, medication, and activity modification.

Physical therapy includes exercises to improve flexibility and strength of the muscles and ligaments around the SI joint. Heat or cold compresses can be used to reduce inflammation, while medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be used to help ease pain.

Activity modification may be recommended to avoid activities that will irritate the joint, such as long-distance running or cycling. If these treatments are not successful, injections of corticosteroids into the joint may be used to reduce inflammation and pain. In rare cases, surgery to stabilize the joint may be necessary.

Conditions we treat

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Going hand in hand with the Pelvis, the SI joint takes a beating in our normal lives. Pregnancy can cause this joint to irritate and leave you with lower back pain as if you are still carrying.

Physical Therapy for Sacroiliac Joint Pain

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Physical therapy to rehabilitate the sacroiliac joint typically includes:

  • Stretching to reduce muscle tension and spasms in the lower back, hips, and pelvis, including the piriformis, gluteus maximus, and hamstring muscles. Tension in these muscles caused by sacroiliac joint dysfunction can be the primary cause of pain.
  • Strengthening exercises to better support the sacroiliac joint and pelvis/lower back. Better support for the joint can come from strengthening the abdominal muscles, lateral trunk muscles, and low back muscles.
  • Aerobic exercise to elevate blood flow and bring nutrients and oxygen to damaged tissues, which can facilitate the healing process. Low-impact aerobics may be needed for SI joint dysfunction to minimize pain from exercise, and can include stationary cycling, running on an elliptical, or water aerobics.