Physical Therapy FAQs

We accept most insurances. We also have a reasonable cash pay rate, and extended financing through Care Credit.

Movement Correction Therapy (MCT) is unique to PT ReVolution. You will not find MCT at any other physical therapy provider. It is our very own creation and our extremely effective approach to Physical Therapy care and restoring health. MCT is a culmination of 30 years of treating, living, and learning how to get people well. We have come to realize that the body is born to move a certain way. When injury occurs, movement changes, and the body quickly learns to work around the abnormal movement. When this happens, pain quickly follows. If abnormal movement is not identified and corrected, your body will struggle. 

A Movement Correction Therapy assessment is a toe to head examination that determines where the “causes” of pain are hiding. A list of the issues/causes of pain is made, and the patient is educated on what it takes to correct those issues. Our purpose is to correct the issues that you cannot correct yourself. Examples of the issues are joint restrictions and blocking, myofascial imbalances, nerve entrapments, and Posture/ROM/Strength asymmetry. Correcting these issues is what our Therapists are trained to do. Treatment may include Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization/Manipulation, Nerve Release, Integrated Dry Needling, Cupping, Shockwave Therapy, Corrective Stretching, and Corrective Strengthening. Valuable care that can change your life.

Our Therapists will be able to give you an accurate estimate of visits needed, after evaluation. Our visit totals are based off the number of hands-on “corrections” that a patient needs. These “corrections” are issues that a patient is unable to correct with a typical stretching and exercise program. Stretching and exercise is an important part of your Movement Correction Physical Therapy program, but can be taught and mastered, then completed on your own. The value of our style of Physical Therapy is in providing the patient a very unique approach to care, excellent results, and treatment techniques that are unique to our clinic(s). These techniques cannot be completed without our help. Once we determine how many issues need to be corrected, we can give a pretty accurate estimate of visits needed. Once your “corrections list” is completed, you will likely be better, and you can continue on your own with a home program.
We typically include any and all needed treatment techniques through your insurance coverage or your daily self-pay rate. We do offer complimentary care (PEMF, Integrated Dry Needling, etc.) that is typically not covered by insurance, as we know that it helps you improve and is considered part of our approach to care.
Appointment times vary from 45 minutes to well over an hour on some occasions. We will always be aware of our patient’s time obligations and discuss with you when a session may last a bit longer than expected.
Some techniques do cause temporary discomfort when being applied. We are very up front about the process, and work within the patient’s tolerance as each patient is different. If you are able to stand 8-10 minutes of discomfort per session, in order to gain some permanent change and improvement, then that is all that is required.
Texas does have Physical Therapy Direct Access laws that allow us to see you directly. However, they are very limited. We ask all patients to contact their Physician for a prescription/referral. We legally can see you for care for a few visits, but eventually have to have your Physician’s input. Out of respect for our referral sources, we prefer they are aware and involved in your care with us from the beginning. Your first visit (consultation and education on your problem areas/movement issues) is always free (with appointment). If after consultation, you decide to start a plan of care with us, then we would expect a prescription/referral from your Physician.
As stated above, exercise and stretching is an important part of your care. However, your home exercise program will be very specific to your personal issues and your compensated movement issues. Exercise is added very systematically, only after your postural and movement symmetry has been restored. We like to joke that we do not strengthen crooked people, as it just makes you strong-crooked. Being strong-crooked just makes you feel worse.
We do offer a competitive cash pay rate, as well as Care Credit financing.
Absolutely, this isn’t like your standard physical therapy approach. This is why we have coined the phrase “Movement Correction Therapy”. We have heard it several times from our patients that this is a out of the box approach to therapy and they enjoy the hands on work coupled with the friendly atmosphere!