Relief From Persistent Pain

Over the years, we have seen many patients who end up coming to PT ReVolution as a last resort. These persistent pain patients have heard about us through a previous patient or friend. These patients have usually fallen through the cracks of the current medical system.

Modern medicine is amazing, but sometimes it just does not have an answer. These patients simply have undiagnosable pain. They have had X-rays, MRI’s and CT-scans but there are no definitive findings. They have been through an array of treatments without lasting results. The physician has done all that they can for the patient, but there simply is no good answer or good option for these patients. Movement Correction Therapy at PT ReVolution has proven effective for thousands of Persistent Pain Patients over the past 20+ years. We may be able to help those patients with Persistent Pain.

A free consultation is available for anyone who would like to know how Movement Correction Therapy may be able to help them with their persistent pain.

How we can treat Persistent Pain

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Many people suffer from persistent pain. Those with persistent pain often have had x-rays, MRI’s, CT Scan’s, EMG’s, and other tests that are simply not conclusive. These patients also may have had injections or surgery that were not helpful. It appears that nothing is wrong. Despite the fact that all of the testing is negative (or not showing any injury or damage), pain is present on a daily basis. These are the people we are able to help. It is actually a good thing when testing comes back negative.

This means you have not damaged or ruined any tissues such as bone, disc, tendon, joint, or muscle. This is a good indication that your pain is mechanical in nature, or due to poor movement on a repeated basis. When the body moves poorly, or in ways it was not meant to move, pain will occur. We are experts at knowing what normal movement looks and feels like.

We assess for “causes” of pain, rather than focusing on your painful “symptoms”. We know that the painful area is oftentimes not where the problem is coming from. Once the causes (joint immobility, myofascial imbalance, asymmetrical posture and movement, asymmetrical strength and flexibility) are identified, we use skilled hands-on techniques such as myofascial release, joint manipulation, nerve decompression, intramuscular therapy/integrated dry needling, cupping, EPAT, PEMF, and Corrective Exercise to resolve the underlying movement dysfunction and causes of your persistent pain.