Ultimate Athlete

Ultimate Athlete – Reconstructing Performance


A unique, proven system, that evolved over 30 years to bring out the best athlete in you!

What it is NOT

Typical stretching and strengthening and your common sports performance programming (These are great programs, but simply aren’t as effective if you are “training crooked”). We prefer to correct your movement, then work with sports performance professionals, coaches, trainers, and facilities to get you the strength you need.

What it IS

Movement Correction. Identifying underlying movement dysfunction, movement asymmetry, postural asymmetry, flexibility asymmetry, and strength asymmetry. Hands-on Movement Correction techniques designed to restore norms and improve motion and mobility in a rapid and permanent way.

Our techniques allow you to train more efficiently, reduce non-contact injuries, and get more from your hard work.

Ultimate Athlete is 30 years in the making!

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We have lived it and learned it with our athletes. We have seen dramatic improvement in performance (as well as injury reduction) time and time again, no matter the age or the sport. Working with 1000’s of athletes over the past 30 years has led us to offer this outstanding service, and the confidence to guarantee results. We believe that all athletes can be better athletes (if they are moving as they should).

Our program is unique and effective. Until you see and feel what is wrong with your movement and where the true problems really area, it is difficult to understand what it is that we will do for you. If you are struggling as an athlete (chronic injury and pain, losing speed and power no matter how hard you train, etc.) then you need to come and be assessed with our Movement Correction Screen.

Your first visit is on us. Come learn what is really holding you back.

Looking forward to seeing you!

George A. Summers, MPT, C-IDN, CES/PES, MCS
Movement Correction Specialist
President, Ultimate Athlete

Ultimate Athlete Golf

What does it include?

A golf-specific passive and active movement evaluation, that will assess the golfer’s ability to move as compared to a professional golfer. This program was created by George Summers, PT, MPT, C-IDN, CES/PES, MCS who worked on the LPGA Tour, and has assisted 1000’s of golfers throughout his 30+ year career.