Thoracic Spine or Rib Cage Pain Relief

Thoracic Spine or Rib Cage Pain

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The thoracic spine is responsible for holding a lot together in our bodies, but because of the ambiguous nature of pain in our torsos, some forms of thoracic pain go unrecognized and underdiagnosed.

Together with your doctors, highly trained orthopedic specialists like the physical therapists at PT ReVolution we will be able to diagnose and treat the various forms of thoracic pain and the referred pain that goes with them. If you’re wondering what to expect during your visits, here are just a few modalities used to treat pain in the thoracic spine and ribcage.

Pulsed Ultrasounds

If you are experiencing rib pain as a result of a fracture, pulsed ultrasounds may be helpful in speeding up recovery time. It’s been shown that pulsed ultrasounds can accelerate your return to work and physical activities as opposed to healing without them. This is something we offer in the clinic.

Thoracic and Rib Manipulation

Your therapist will use their knowledge of the body’s soft tissues and natural anatomical positions to manipulate your ribs and thoracic vertebrae back into cohesiveness with the rest of your skeleton.

Postural Exercises

Postural exercises help strengthen your core muscles that attach to your spine and pelvis. Healthy, strong core muscles will prove helpful for your thoracic pain as well as any referred pain in your arms and shoulders.