Physical Therapy for Knee Pain in North Richland Hills, TX

Knee Pain

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The knee is one of the most commonly injured body parts. Knee pain can develop for a number of reasons. The reason for, or the cause of your knee pain can be obvious in some cases, and not so obvious in others. Many times, the cause of your pain can seem like a mystery.

Some obvious causes of knee pain are fractures, spurs, arthritis and cartilage/meniscus tears. These issues show up with testing such as x-ray and MRI. 

Other patients experience knee pain that is more difficult to diagnose. Tests such as x-ray and MRI are negative for these patients, and injections, surgery, and other treatment methods have failed to relieve their pain.

A patient needing physical therapy for knee pain in North Richland Hills, TX

Conditions we treat

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Unique and Effective Care for Knee Pain.

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At PT ReVolution, we’re considered experts in knee care. We are acutely aware of how the knee is affected by issues below the knee (ankle/foot) and above the knee (spine/pelvis/hip) that cause it to move in ways it is not meant to move. 

When the knee moves abnormally, injury and pain will occur. No matter the reason for your knee pain, (whether it be a recent acute flare up, or chronic pain) we can help. Movement Correction Therapy at PT ReVolution identifies and corrects the underlying causes of knee pain. 

We invite you to come discover why you are experiencing knee pain. Reach out to us and schedule an appointment today!


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The “Pain Free Total Knee” protocol was developed over a period of 30 years and is a part of our Movement Correction Therapy™ programs. It was designed with the following people in mind:

  1. The person that is about to undergo total knee arthroplasty, and is looking to get the best outcomes out of their surgery. This person is also looking for a program that does not include painful stretching and exercise and takes a more holistic approach to care.
  2. The person that has had their knee replacement, but continues to have pain in their knee. Our program will find the causes of your continued knee pain and correct it. It does not matter how long it has been since your surgery, we can help.
  3. The person that has knee pain, but the surgeon has told them that the arthritis is not bad enough to warrant knee replacement quite yet. No need to struggle with pain until your knee is in bad enough shape to justify replacement. Come see us and we can correct the underlying causes of your knee pain while you await that surgery. There is so much more to knee pain, then what is just happening in your knee.

Our Pain Free Total Knee program has proven to be the best program to get you back to a pain-free lifestyle and back to doing the things you enjoy doing. We will perform a thorough examination and determine why you wore your knee out in the first place. 

Most patients never have had a trauma or injury to their knee. They tell us their knee simply wore out. While we agree things can wear out, we also realize that there are other factors that put your knee in a position to fail. These factors are correctable. Once corrected, the body will have the ability to stay in proper postures and use movement patterns that will take pressure off your knee. The knee will feel better.


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Our thorough evaluation will help identify the underlying causes of knee pain. We realize arthritis and joint deterioration happens. We also realize it is the job of the surgeon to correct those issues. It is our job as Movement Correction Specialists to identify and correct issues above and below the knee joint that are putting the knee in a position to fail. We will address these issues with skilled hands-on therapies, patient specific stretching and strengthening exercises, and movement correction activities.


Any and all patients are invited to call into the clinic and schedule a consultation, or courtesy “Investigative” visit. This visit gives us a chance to get to know you, for us to see if you have issues we can help with, and for you to get to know us! Our treatment approach is unique, very hands-on, and VERY effective. Most patients simply are not aware of what Movement Correction Care consists of here at TPT ReVolution.