Hip Pain Relief

Hip Pain

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The hip is an area where many suffer from pain. The hip can become painful for a number of reasons. Many times, hip pain is more of a mystery. Some causes of hip pain can be obvious, such as fracture, spurs, arthritis and cartilage/meniscus tears. These issues show up with testing such as x-ray and MRI. Other patients experience knee pain that is more difficult to diagnose. Tests such as x-ray and MRI are negative for these patients, and injections, surgery, and other treatment methods have not relieved the pain.

Conditions we treat

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When the hip moves abnormally, injury will occur. No matter the reason for your hip pain, (whether it be a recent acute flair up or chronic pain) we can help. Movement Correction Therapy at PT ReVolution identifies and corrects the underlying causes of hip pain. We invite you to come learn why you are having pain. Stop in and get to know us and allow us to get to know you. Unique, effective, better care. Free consultation with appointment.

Unique, Effective, Better Care.

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At PT ReVolution, we consider ourselves the experts in hip care. We are acutely aware of how the hip is affected by issues below the hip (knee/ankle/foot) and above the knee (spine/pelvis) that cause the hip to move in ways it is not meant to move.